IDAHO today

Know what IDAHO is? I bet some blog viewers know what it is and quite a lot don’t. Its the International Day against Homophobia and its today (Monday).

Here’s a quick video to get you in the mood.

The UK has changed a lot for the better with regards to the law. However, the appointment of the new cabinet shows the need to be ever vigilant. The new Home Secretary, Theresa May is also the Minister for Women and Equalities, despite having a lamentable record on voting on gay rights in the last parliament. The Work and Pensions Department is also one to watch. IDS at the top, Chris Grayling (the one who said that B and B owners should be able to refuse gay couples). And now it appears that they have taken on Philippa Stroud.

Of course they have.

The LGBT Network have an excellent breakdown of how the various members of the new cabinet voted in various gay related votes in previous parliaments. Well worth a look.

Here’s a quick blast of something from Ruth Gledhill in the Times to cheer us up after all that:

Sexuality figures nowhere in the creeds. It is not mentioned in the church’s liturgies. When godparents bear witness to a baby’s baptism they do not swear to help to raise the infant as straight.


  1. agatha says

    If I do a quick chorus of “I don’t want to go to Idaho” would that be construed as homophobic?

  2. Roddy says

    Oh not bloody Phillipa Stroud. If she’s got the cure for being gay, I’ve got the cure for all cancers.

  3. Robin says

    It’s time that Rowan Williams had his own private IDAHO.

    And then spoke out in public.

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