Anglican Covenant

We’re going to be debating the Anglican Covenant tomorrow at General Synod.

John Penman rightly wonders what the point of it all is, given that Rowan Williams has already started booting American theologians off an Ecumenical committee whilst taking no real action against those who have been so very obviously causing ecclesiastical chaos by engaging in cross border raids.

Perhaps we need to remember that we were once good at cross border raids ourselves, once upon a time.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, look out, look out, Dioceses of Newcastle and Carlisle… You need stay in the Church of England no more.


  1. Now’s the day and now’s the hour! Let’s go for it

  2. fr dougal says

    Aye, I’m of Reiver descent myself (as were Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson): lock up yer sheep and women…

    Well, yer sheep anywey!

  3. Martin Ritchie says

    Is that dodgy bish still around in Carlisle though?

  4. Zebadee says

    What is stopping the SEC from sending missionaries into the ‘Old Kingdom of Stathclyde’ which streched down the west coast of Englandshire as far as Preston and Lancaster? Northumberland should be part of Greater Scotland as should Durham. The boarder being the Yorkshire one. The western part could be an extension Argyle and the Islands and run from Millport

  5. Zebadee says

    With your links to Sweden and your ancestors of both your parents coming from ‘Viking’ lands would this be a problem?

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