Gender Audit Motion is proposed by Norma Higgot

And debate begins.

Nancy Adams: Welcomes audit. Draws attention to the qualitative aspect. She is the one female on the finance committee (which disperses grants). She does not bring only financial competence but different ways to perceive the problems. Women and men approach things differently. Argues for a closer look at the qualitative aspects. Asks that men speak about how mission might be perceived now that women have bene involved.


  1. Maurice Houston: notes that our sense of language defines the way in which we will see the world.

  2. Ruth Innes is horrified by her Cathedral Chapter. Speaks of transferrable skills.

    What is the timescale for acting on these recommendations

  3. James Milne: Liturgy committee needs a steer as to whether inclusive language should refer to God language alone or people language.

    • Malcolm ROund makes same point and says he does not want theological language changed when it refers to maleness of God

  4. Sari Salveson – models of committee meeting need to be challenged as well as membership

  5. Shona Boardman – language matters. If we believe that language can liberate or bind us, why insist on predominant language that is male. Are we constructing a male deity because of inclusive language.

    Do we risk putting limits on divine God lanugage. It seems as thought we have God all figured out and too neatly packaged.. If we have understood, we have not understood God.

  6. Kimberly Bohan – fascinated by how much conversation is stirring. We are confused in our understanding as a whole church about issues of feminism. Essentialism is hotly contested.

    Is the audit the only way of doing this. Thankful for work that has been done so far..

  7. Shona Lillie – picks up on lay membership of diocesan synod – statement in report that it balances male clergy actually reinforces stereotypical role of male clergy.

    • Finds women oppressed and living stereotypical lives and church needs to help women to understand women as people God is calling to serve.

      If you walk through Central Station when there is a football crowd you get a horrible experienece. people don’t expect women to be in roles of authority. Important to serve God and be seen to serve – both male and female.

      What is God calling women in our church to do today?

      We should do Gender audit again.

  8. kate Sainsbury – welcome recommendation six Hopes that standing committee looks at disability.

    Notes welcoming initiative in Aberdeen – welcoming disabled children

  9. Hi Kelvin, is the second last comment what you said in the debate?

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