College of Bishops

+Gregor speaks on behalf of the College. Gives outline of typical agenda of the College

Overnight meetings start at 1030 am and goes on until next day. 7 sessions of one or two hours each.
Business agenda and other topics come up.

This is what they do….
Paper on end of life issues
Tisec library
minutes of all boards
discussion of items with Standing Committee
items regarding General Synod
Arrangments regarding consecrations
Canon 13 items Edinburgh 2010
Church Army
CMD for bishops
Santuary Pledge
A trust fund
Porvoo leaders consultation
Iraqi Christians under threat
Upcoming meetings

Episcpal elections
Paper on same sex relationships from Finland
Forward in Faith activities
Joint meeting with Roman Catholic bishops
Service of the Word
Media training
Session with Provincial Director of Ordinands


  1. +David – the most creativity happens within bounded spaces. “that’s why pictures have frames”

  2. agatha says

    “Overnight meetings start at 1030 am and goes on until next day.” Poor souls, not even any kip? Is that sensible? Is it only permissible to have a Finnish same sex partner then?

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