uniting/dividing dioceses

Material is proposed which would allow discussion about subdivision, union of dioceses when there are less than 7 bishops in post.

+Bob speaks against it.

+Mark speaks next as he has a lot to do with Argyll and The Isles. He has told A and T I that they cannot be divided when a Canon 4 does not allow subdivisions. He believe that therefore Aberdeen Synod was wrong to think that it could.

Patricia Peatie – notes that we often don’t have a full College of Bishops and believes that Canon 4 protects dioceses which don’t have a bishop and suggests that we do go ahead and bring in this change.


  1. Provost of Aberdeen Cathedral asks for clarity as to which order we vote in in houses.

    It is at the discretion of the chair. Notes that bishops are to vote last.

    • Roy Fergusson Flatt was installed before July 1991 and can go on until he dies at the altar or runs off with the organist.

      He has been 27 years and is still running trying to reshape Argyll and The Isles. Every time it is approached, something happens like the retiral of a bishop and “we never quite make it”.

      Not enough money for a new bishop. Canon took them straight down the line of electing a new bishop. Some people would like the chance to look at alternatives. He supports the motion.

  2. Colin Sibley proposes that we should exempt any diocese that is currently vacant from the process of subdivision.

  3. jeremy Auld says Canon 4 automatically protects a vacant see from subdivision.

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