The Botafumeiro

Here is a quick video of the Botafumeiro swinging in Compostella last year as promised in the sermon this morning.

Commentary is a bit intrusive. Watch out for the brilliant catch and swirl movement by the chief tiraboleiro as it is brought to rest at the end.

There is a simulation of how it works here, which I’ve a feeling I posted once before.


  1. AaronO says

    I’m loving the Botafumeiro-cam.

  2. Oh bless you for a wonderful start to the day. And I have the ear-rings to match. I shall wear them today.

  3. Moyra says

    The catch and swirl is magnificent.

    And I love the un-swirl so the chains don’t get tangled. too.

  4. Kelvin says

    Isn’t it amazing how little coughing there is?

  5. There’s a chap (in white) flapping madly throughout the final stages – is he swinging another thurible, or has a spark ignited his alb? I feel sure you will know …

  6. It may be that he is overcome with the Holy Spirit, I’m not sure.

  7. 1) Health and safety!!
    2) Would you let our Sacristan loose on this?
    3) Or our Trebles??
    4) Why is Vladimir Putin moonlighting as a Tiraboleiro?
    5) And looking so smug about it?
    6) When can we install ours?

    • 1) Health and safety: accidents are documented on the wikipedia page
      2) Sacristans would need extensive training.
      3) I would not let the Trebles ride on it. I presume the flying Bot Cam is fitted so as not to require small people holding on and flying up to the roof.
      4) I quite like the idea of Putin so moonlighting, actually. It might make me think better of him.
      5) Wouldn’t you look that smug?
      6) How long O Lord, how long?

  8. Pam has covered most of the items that come to my mind.

    St Mary’s has a series of pulleys down the nave which I am sure you can make use of.

    Do like the on board cam. Did I see flames inside the Botafumeiro?

  9. agatha says

    I went on a ride a bit like that at Alton Towers. I hadn’t thought of it as a religious experience. I don’t think this is either though.

  10. Never mind the sacristan or the trebles – I’d be very happy to try it out! (Mind you, that’s possibly an even scarier thought than either of the other two…)

  11. PMO5GAY says

    I do NOT like the Bot cam at all… takes away some of the magic seeing it like that… it appears to suffer from vertigo… and 2 other things…. why is there a special person serving… its VERY distracting…. and why do they allow applause?

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