To Moffat

To Moffat today for the Diocesan Council.

“What is the Diocesan Council?”, I hear you ask, your interest piqued and your excitement rising.

Well, the Diocesan Council consists of elected people from the different Regions of the Diocese of Glasgow and Galloway who meet together several times a year to do the business that needs to be done.

Having said that so confidently, I find myself asking myself what decisions we came to today. The truth is, I’m struggling a bit with that. We certainly talked quite a lot and in almost all cases, I think we deferred making a decision until the next meeting. (I don’t get a vote at these meeting, merely the chance to put my oar in).

I remember that we agreed to help one of the churches in the diocese do some painting and decorating work. So that’s one important decision then.

Maybe we decided something else that I’ve forgotten. I’d kind of like to think so, anyway.

The church in Moffat looked lovely.


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