Oh, I can’t help but wish that the first reports in the press this week had headlined the outrage by Christians about the proposed Koran burning in the USA rather than supporting the erroneous view that this is what Christians do.


  1. Melissa says

    Oh, I can’t help but wish that having attended two full eucharists and one(Episcopal) community lunch here in the USA I last week I would have heard a peep of some outrage – but there was not so much as a word, much less a prayer.

  2. ChickPea says

    Thank you so much for this post, Kelvin – I DO so agree – personally, I’d rather burn the so-called ‘Christian’ pastor concerned (and his congregation if they are supporting him) …….
    However, I have ABSOLUTELY no doubt that Jesus would condemn burning of anyone/anything concerned in this situation. Kindness, love and forgiveness perhaps being more akin to accepted understanding of The Master’s Teachings. (And certainly a most challenging concept for me in response to the USA pastor’s announced plans….) x

  3. Quite.

    “All muslims are terrorists”
    so obviously the answer is
    “All Christians burn other people’s holy books”
    And yet both *claim* to be agents of peace! Someone got the wrong end of the stick there.

    I was quite pleased to have read of the CoS Moderator condemning the burning.

  4. David | Dah•veed says

    News alert just a while ago that this man has decided to call it off.

    He says that he has struck an agreement with the Imam of Park51 to move the project elsewhere.

  5. Easy to find Christians who are opposed to the burning as a statement (though deplorable it is legal assuming there is no ban on open fires [some parts of the US are prone to wildfires so bonfires are banned]). This particular minister also has a shady background with accusations of using his church as a front for a for-profit business, violating child labor laws, etc..

    A bit trickier finding those (as well as people of other non-Muslim religions or of no religion) who find nothing wrong with building an Islamic community center in lower Manhattan whose main proponent has been prominent in the interfaith movement.

  6. Rosemary Hannah says

    The real coup of those who are seriously anti religious is to make the following argument.
    All religions have an extreme wing.
    The extreme wing is the true representation of that religion.
    Anybody alleging they are religious and not adhering to the extreme wing is misrepresenting that religion.

  7. I would rephrase it. Plenty of religious people think that in all (or most) other religions’ people have to follow the extreme wing of their religion or not be properly members.

    Personally I’ll take Ed Brayton’s words

    “I have long said that we consistently draw the lines in the wrong place. Rather than drawing them between Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists and so forth, we should be drawing them between the sane and decent people in all of those groups and the crazy, violent, bigoted people in all of those groups (and there are plenty of both kinds in each of them). “

  8. Marion says

    I think that the vast majority of true christian in the USA are good, decent and sane people. It’s the very small majority of people claiming to be christians who do the harm to the others. It is this small majority who have also burned other books such as the Harry Potter books, and very strangely, Farenheit 451, a book that deals with a book burning. Go figure.

  9. Marion says

    sorry, that should have been minority, it’s been a long day.

  10. well, I do think you could speculate that – given the high amount of believers in creationism Sarah Palin et all in the states – that the unhinged Christian wing over there is substantial and, even more worrying, respectable. That said, I certainly don’t think that those who oppose the Mosque near Ground Zero necessarily fall into that category.

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