Home is the wanderer

Ah, Glasgow. Here I am again.

Today I arrived back in town after two weeks holiday. I’ve been to France, since you ask and I’ve had a lovely time. I was in the sud and so my body was warmed greatly by the sun.

I tend not to tan a great deal, because I slap on so 40 factor. However, I have many trophy mosquito bites to prove that I’ve been a long way from home. (I saw a rather scary scorpion whilst I was away, but fortunately, that did not bite me).

So, here I am. The city seems to have survived my absence so far as I can tell, though I’ve yet to open my work e-mail account, something which can wait until I’m in my office tomorrow morning. My thanks to all those who have taken on extra duties and provided cover whilst I was away.

The plan to have a visitor from overseas come to the city to provide a little clerical attention seeking whilst I was gone seems to have worked a treat. Did you notice him?


  1. David | Dah•veed says

    Welcome safely home!

    You occasionally posted, so I did not realize that you were away.

  2. ChickPea says

    And are exotic French mozzie bites any more fun than regular / standard Glaswegian mozzie bites ?

  3. They buzz in French.

  4. They are total monsters – I still bear the scars from two months ago.

  5. Strangely they don’t bite me since my teleportation experiment.

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