Concert and Ceilidh!

We’ve a glorious weekend coming up in a fortnight. A guest choir from the Cathedral of one of our compantion dioceses is coming from Gothenburg to St Mary’s for the weekend. There is concert on the Saturday evening in church beginning at 7.30 pm.

On the Sunday, our Swedish friends will be making music along with our own Cathedral choir and on the Sunday evening there will be Choral Evensong followed by a Ceilidh.

If that was not enough, Bishop Gregor will be joining us on the Sunday evening, and I’m expecting him to be licensing new clergy for St Mary’s.

It will be a wonderful weekend and I’m looking forward to it already. Its the congregation’s birthday weekend (the Dedication Anniversary) and someone else’s birthday too!

So – put the concert date in your diary and if you’ve not bought a ceilidh ticket yet, its not too late.

In fact, due to the wonders of science you can buy one right here, right now from this website. Just click on the appropriate links below.Tickets are £5 for an individual and £10 for a household.

Ceilidh Ticket Type


  1. […] for the ceilidh can be bought on the door or at this link. Its great that folk are using paypal to pay for tickets, and I know that tickets have been sold […]

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