What am I listening to?

Oh, thank you for asking, it seems like a while since you did.

Firstly, its probably worth saying how I’m listening. I’m listening to music through the online service Spotify quite a lot these days. I’m lucky enough to have a “free” account which has the advantage of being free but the disadvantage of being supported by advertisements. Adverts or no adverts, its allowed me to reconnect with must that I’ve not listened to in ages,  particularly some English folk. I’ve not listened to CDs much in the last few months. They’ve started to seem to be a rather dusty way of conveying musical pleasure.

Anway, here’s the list:

  • Martin Simpson – Prodigal Son – lovely last track which turns into When a Knight Won His Spurs in the middle of itself.
  • Jez Lowe – Briefly on the Street – chirpy north-east of England songsmith
  • Temperance Seven – 33 Not Out – especially Hard Hearted Hannah who can help with most sermon crises
  • L’Arpeggiata – Via Crucis – so inventive, so clever
  • Blue Murder – No One Stands Alone – reminds me of Yorkshire
  • Sondheim – Company – no-one else writes about relationships like this
  • Robbie and Gary – Shame – guilty pleasure

And you?


  1. Thanks for asking Kelvin. I like listening to talking books and currently listening to Stephen Briggs’ reading of Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett.

    In his Discworld books, Terry Pratchett has an talent for reflecting the real world in his novels.

  2. Kennedy Fraser says

    You should maybe share a Spotify playlist for those with access.

  3. OK Kennedy – here you go.

  4. Kennedy Fraser says

    I thank you Sir!

    I’ve been listening to Bill Bruford’s ‘Feels good to me’ – an album I have on vinyl but not on CD and Genesis – ‘Second’s Out’ – one of the best live albums ever.

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