Busy Day

One of those times where the buildings have been humming with activity for 24 hours. Last night it was a Knowing Me, Knowing you with John Riches, then Morning Prayer to start Saturday. Then a very well attended Prayer and Poetry Worshop. Then a Justice and Aid Network meeting.

All the while, the office has been in use for music administration, work on the Cathedral  inventory, the preparation of the announcement of a new Vice Provost and the biggest admin job of all at the moment, the preparation of a text which the Vestry is proposing to consult the congregation about which may (if the congregation & Bishop in Chapter agree) become a new constitution for the congregation. More details of that after tomorrow, when it will be published in church.

Just another day in the life of St Mary’s.


  1. If you keep posting tempting lists of events like this, I may wish I was back living in Glasgow. Desist, I say!

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