New Vice-Provost appointed for St Mary’s

I’m delighted to be able to share the news that a new Vice-Provost has been appointed for St Mary’s. The Rev Canon Cedric Blakey will be taking up the appointment at the start of December and licensed by Bishop Gregor on 5 December 2010.

The appointment of a full time priest to work along side the Provost was one of the goals that emerged from the Mission 21 process which we began going through about 2 years ago. Its easy to set goals, but slightly trickier to then have to follow through and find the money, find the house and find the person.

St Mary’s is a classic case of a congregation which seems to grow up to a ceiling and then fall back a bit and bump up a the ceiling again. That pattern has been going on for quite a long time – decades probably. In our case, that ceiling is approximately the time when we find ourselves with between 150 and 170 folk in the building at the 1030 service on a Sunday morning. The theory is, that in order to grow a bit through the ceiling, the church needs to be staffed differently and the appointment we are making now is a significant step to try to help gentle growth to continue.

Its not the only step on the journey though. There are one of two things about the governance of St Mary’s that have changed in recent years – not least the structure of Vestry groups and some developments that the vestry is currently proposing. Recently we have had three Vestry sub groups, which deal with finance, buildings and compliance with legislation. What we are currently looking for is a structure which will also allow a shared oversight of mission and growth work, including a way of the Provost (that’s me!) working collaboratively with others, including the Vice-Provost on overseeing the groups and networks which form within the congregation.

More of that later.

For now, let me just say that I’m delighted to be announcing Cedric’s appointment and am looking forward to his move to Glasgow and the new ministry that he will be entering into here.

If you want to know a bit more about him, you can find a personal message from him on the Cathedral website.


  1. Kennedy Fraser says

    Is there a problem with the personal message on the cathedral website. Looks like a malformed link to

    btw, being from Derby Cathedral, he will know my first (and only) CofE vicar – Andie Brown, who is the Canon Theologian at the Cathedral.

  2. Thanks Kennedy – I think I’ve fixed it.

  3. Is he a current blogger – or is it a skill that you and AKMA will be introducing him to?

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