Many thanks

Many thanks to all those who gave me birthday wishes yesterday. The morning cake (with accompanying 5 minute loan of a cute puppy) cheered me up considerably when I found that water was pouring into church yesterday morning. The evening cake in the form of a biretta was magnificent and just the thing to share with Swedish friends at a party. (They can sing, by the way – oh how they can sing).

I’ve now reached the age of 44. Just another couple of years until middle age, I guess…


  1. Belated best wishes – forget middle age. You’re but a lad yet! Welcome instead to the Grand Order of the Leaking Church …

  2. No, I’m afraid we’ve joined the grand order of buildings that people have nicked the lead from.

  3. Rosemary Hannah says

    One is nobody unless one has had one’s lead stolen.

  4. David | Dah•veed says

    Thanks, because I am a couple of years older, 46, I have achieved middle age?

  5. Belated birthdays wishes for me as well. Would have loved to hear the singers

  6. (Belated) Happy Birthday from me too Kelvin! 🙂

  7. Ritualist Robert says

    And a very belated happy birthday from the Antipodes, Fr K!

    If there’s a photo of the Biretta Cake, I’m sure we’d love to see it.

    @David | Dah•veed: You may be 46 but you look far younger in your picture.

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