To Castle Douglas

The Cathedral Chapter met yesterday in Castle Douglas. If this Provost is going to make a habit of such journeys, its likely that he will begin making a case for a diocesan grant for gaiters.

Quick Friday Quiz Question – how many Anglican Cathedrals are nearer to Castle Douglas than St Mary’s is?


  1. With out looking at a map I can think of three:

    The Cathedral of The Isles, Millport; and

    I am not sure if there are others, the next two which are probably further than Glasgow are Newcastle and St Mary’s Edinburgh

  2. Andrew Swift says

    Greetings from Cowal & Bute.

    Carlisle Cathedral must be closest to Castle Douglas.

    I suspect that St German in Peel, diocese of Sodor & Man, is next closest as the seagull flies – the radio reception from the Isle of Man is extraordinarily clear down there.

    Cathedral of the Isles on Great Cumbrae and Glasgow – pretty similar I would have thought, Calmac notwithstanding. Your poor horse would need waterwings to get over there, and your gaiters would have to fully waterproof.

  3. As the crow flies, I suspect that both Newcastle and Durham are closer than Glasgow. Of course, in practical terms, the Irish Sea does rather get in the way. Having spent four weeks living somewhere that is not quite so far south as Castle Douglas and yet still does not get BBC Radio Scotland, this wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    St Mary’s is closer than the Cathedral of the Isles, but only by about a mile and a half.

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