Bonus Choral Evensong

As a special reward for being holy, you are entitled to a special bonus Choral Evensong. This bonus Choral Evensong is being sung in St Mary’s at 4.30 pm on Saturday 6 November 2010 and is being offered by a bunch of musicians who like doing nothing better than singing for such a service. Conductor and animateur for this service is our own Geoff Woollatt whom we usually hear playing the organ on Sundays.

That’s 4.30 pm tomorrow. All welcome. Music by Stanford, Wood & Franck. Responses by Ayleward and sung by me.

Its a bonus. An extra. A surprise. A bon bon. A joy. A delight.


  1. A lagniappe.

  2. Yes, a lagniappe. What a lovely word.

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