Have restored the list of blogs I read on the right hand sidebar. (Scroll down).

Notable new entries are

All of them are producing quality blogging and all deserve to be added to your blog reader.

Wish Malcolm allowed comments and that John’s blog had a comments rss feed.

I’ve culled one or two blogs which seemed to have gone. However I’ve left Nick Cox in, in the hope that he starts again.


  1. (Yeah, I’ve given up on wittering. Transpires Q, in which I wrote that thing, was too CPU-intensive for the poor wee colo-server to cope with when bots came knocking, so it had to go; it’s all-but a dead language now anyway…)

  2. There are easier ways to host a blog, Tim…

  3. Mental. On my ‘to do’ list for today was to write a ‘back blogging’ post…

    Very strange!

  4. Think of it as the Holy Spirit, Nick.

    Or alternatively think of it as synchronicity as many of the rest of us might do.

    Glad you are coming back.

  5. FrPaulB says

    David Campbell’s blog has long since moved to here:

    • So it does. Thanks, I’ve updated the link.

      I usually read Fr David’s blog in google reader. What an exotic layout it has in real life!

  6. My dears, I can only wish I were as exotic in real life!

  7. Hope Nick starts blogging again too! He did a post reviewing The Dark Knight once, which is more down-wit’-da-kidz than highfalutin’ praepostorial theatre reviews 😉 (that said, do hope you do The Habit of Art! :-))

  8. I did Figaro.

  9. John McLuckie says

    Thanks Kelvin, I’ll have a look at the rss thing – it’s all a bit new to me still!

    • Thanks John – you’ve already got a nicely behaving rss feed for your content but I can’t find one for comments.

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