Exhausting but wonderful

The Sunday experience this week has fitted into the category of exhausting but wonderful. So many high-points. Three lovely baptisms. People packed to the gunnels around the font. (Is that a mixed metaphor or not, I’m too tired to know?). Zadok the Priest tonight. A new (to me) Mag and Nunc. Very busy church. Nice new folk to meet. Choir CD on sale. New constitution enthusiastically endorsed at a great congregational meeting. So many people happy to have been in St Mary’s today catching a glimpse of the holy. St Cecilia (Patron of Music) suitably honoured. Christ the King worshipped in glory and remembered on a cross. Psalm 136 played about with beautifully by the choir.

Forgive the stream of consciousness. I’ll be more descriptive about things later. For now though the next great, lovely thing to make the day complete, is sleep.


  1. Zadok the Priest is the Champions League music! Very cool 🙂

  2. Think your metaphor might stand unmixed by virtue of watery theme …

  3. area around the font – if overflowing from 3 Baptisms – might well need gunnels, complete with oars!

  4. Would it have added a frisson of danger to know that the Mag & Nunc were also new to a significant number of the choir, that at least one singer had never seen the introit in my life before – rendering one or two of the relations a little more false than strictly necessary – and that the funky triple chant was an equally new experience. At least we got around ninety-seven attempts to get it right. hought Dicing with Death (trans. Dyson in F) was last week’s setting.

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