Merry What?

Just as a matter of interest, which of these two campaigns do you find offensive, if any?


  1. The alleged Sexmas campaign which is purported to be about to be launched which aims to keep people from unwanted pregnancy and contracting HIV and other STDs. (More details from the usual outraged suspects, for example the Sun and the so-called Christian Institute)
  2. The Merry Pringles campaign which seems to aim to make us poorer and fatter by selling us tasty potato crisps.

I’m interested in this. Which is more offensive to those of us who follow the babe from Bethlehem?

Just asking.


  1. Personally I think Lord Carey launching the ‘Not Ashamed’ evangementalist ‘Christian’ Institute-type campaign on World Aids Day is worse than both… (Although I’d be a bit of a hypocrite to genuinely denounce Pringles. Let he who is without crisps cast the first etc ;-))

  2. Russell Goulbourne says

    Could the two campaigns be mutually compatible, I wonder? (“Indulge in lots of disgusting crisps; that way you’ll be in no fit state to have sex of any kind, safe or unsafe…”)

  3. Elizabeth says

    The second, without a doubt.

  4. agatha says

    Eat too many Pringles and no one will fancy you. A contraceptive acceptable even to Rome.

  5. oh I too find the the Pringle advert more offensive – no contest!

  6. For the avoidance of doubt, eating Pringles and getting fat is no protection against HIV.

    You heard it here first.

  7. Agatha says

    Quite right Kelvin, I forgot about chubby-chasers.

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