Halal Turkey

One of the things that I like about living round here is the diversity – lots of different people living cheek by jowl and by and large, getting on pretty well.

Glasgow isn’t a particularly mixed city in comparison to many in the UK, but the square mile that I live in (along with a couple of bits of the far side) is about as mixed as it gets.

This is most gloriously celebrated in the food available. There’s a South American food shop right opposite work, Italian restaurants all over the place, an interesting Persian place that I’ve not tried yet, Solly’s shop full of African fruit and veg, an Ethiopian eatery, several Chinese shops, a great fruit shop run by folk from South India, curry places and small food shops run by people with links to Pakistan and more, no doubt that I’ve forgotten about. Sadly, there is no good bagel shop that I know of this side of the river, which is a pity.

The sign at the top advertising Halal Turkey is in a shop right opposite St Mary’s. Just the thing if you are serving a trad Christmas dinner to a diverse and less trad crowd.


  1. Elizabeth says

    Are you suggesting that there is a good bagel shop south of the river?! Where, where?

    • Someone told me that there was, but I fear I was too busy making clever remarks, (“What, you mean there’s a South Side?” etc) that I don’t think that I ever discovered where. Perhaps someone with local knowledge will tell us.

      Not that it will make any difference – once one crosses the river, one can’t find anything in my experience.

      Actually, there is Bagel Mania on this side, but I’m not sure that counts.

      I used to live near enough to Brick Lane in London for a salt beef bagel to be the normal post church munch on the way to Columbia Road flower market.

      That makes me a discerning customer where such things are concerned.

  2. Ruth Richards-Hill says

    Marks Deli and Hello Deli in Giffnock both sell bagels “to die for” however decent bagels are always to be found in our bread box at home, only two blocks from the Carhedral. Oh and of course we naturally have the endless supply of smoked salmon and cream cheese to go with it too!

  3. Elizabeth says

    Giffnock is a bit far for me, but would be well worth the trek for good bagels!

    He who has ears, let him hear.

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