Kudos to Gordon Smith for the pics.


  1. annie t says

    Great photos Gordon/Kelvin. Thank you. I love the extravagance of the pouring water speaking of ‘God’s reckless generosity’, and the way ‘baby’s’ eyes are fixed on the Light.

  2. Hermano David | Brother Dah•veed says

    Such a cute little baby. Black socks, is it a little boy? Handsome parents he has.

  3. Oh, and a handsome priest too. No?

  4. Zebadee says

    A handsome priest most certainly he takes after his father

  5. Steven says

    Hey Kelvin – I’m back blogging – please check out the link below and invite your friends!

    Things have changed. Things have stayed the same!

  6. Ritualist Robert says

    Nice to see the world’s newest Christian … love how he seems transfixed by his baptismal candle.

  7. love feet in the font! but of course in a pisky way!!!

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