Ecumenical News #1

There will be many downcast faces this week regarding the news that Scottish Churches House in Dunblane is to cease business from 15 July 2011.

This is sad news indeed and all the more so for those who have put an enormous amount of energy into trying to revive its fortunes in recent years. The programme that has been running has been excellent.

It is becoming harder and harder to make a residential retreat/conference place work and the church is the poorer for each one that closes. Perhaps what we need to think about now is whether there are new institutes that need to be formed to run programmes that do not depend on a single venue or require the residential base to be owned outright and maintained throughout the year.


  1. Elaine says

    Thanks, Kelvin, for your mentioning the imminent closure of Scottish Churches House as an ecumenical conference centre. Indeed, very sad – on many levels.

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