The Flu

The last couple of days, I’ve been down with a nasty dose of the flu and it seems it is not over yet.

My doctor assures me that it is the flu and not consumption, however, I do feel that it is worthy of an opera plot.

It seems that if you think you might have the flu then you don’t. That’s man-flu.

What I’ve had these last few days is the thing that makes you realise why people die of the flu and why its not to be meddled with.

The worst of the fever seems now to be past though I still feel lousy. I’m following all the proper instructions – paracetamol, rest, liquids, melodramatic gay movies etc.

My apologies to anyone waiting for information from me about anything to do with work. Its going to be a few days yet, I think.

However, I do seem able to surf the internet now. My chaise longue seems to be equipped with a lap-top, so I might engage in a little light blogging and posting of other people’s web-trinkets as strength gradually returns.


  1. In these situations the essential diagnostic tool is a fifty pound note fluttering in and landing on your window sill. Recent cuts have sadly put an end to this kind of testing.

  2. That’s awful. Real Flu is absolutely horrible and you have my sympathy. Do not rush back to work until you are actually better. The rest of your team will cope. It’s going to take at least a week to properly get over it, so listen to your body. Otherwise you could end up being ill for longer.

  3. Elizabeth says

    From everything I’ve heard from other sufferers, this is a particularly nasty flu. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. My experience last winter (before I qualified for the jag!) was that I felt so much better, relatively speaking, after a week that I thought I was fine for normal life. This was illusory, and I reckon I paid for it for far longer than seemed reasonable. Just so’s you know…

  5. I hope you have a white lacy handkerchief at hand to hold to your mouth… and then gasp in horror at the few specks of blood. (That’s when you know you have consumption.) Cue dramatic music.

  6. Rosemary Hannah says

    Recovery definitely involves think of a number and triple it.

  7. Hermano David | Brother Dah•veed says

    melodramatic gay movies

    That is the part of the remedy that I was always missing. Perhaps it was the reason for such prolonged illness! Why did no one tell me?

    + Take your time, but may you get well soon. +

  8. Agatha says

    Neal, I heard the test was one’s reaction to George Clooney walking into the room.

  9. Hope you get well soon Kelvin! 🙂 Are priests in your situation allowed to give themselves Extreme Unction, or is that frowned upon?

    • I think that if one is still capable of giving Extreme Unction then one is probably not the person in the world who most needs it.

      I am sustained by the prayers the saints and the ministrations of an angel who delivered a bag of goodies from Markies.

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