The Census

Does anyone think there is any mileage in trying to persuade the Jedi Knight people to write “Scottish Episcopal Jedi Knight” in the right box on the census return?

It does sound like the kind of thing we might well have had, after all.


  1. Well, it takes extensive training to be a Jedi Knight, perhaps analagous to TISEC, and the outfits adherents get to wear are a bit vestmenty 🙂 :

    And a piskie church that had Jedi powers of telekenisis and mind control would surely be uniquely equipped for Mission! 😉

  2. These are not the converts you are looking for. 🙂

  3. Paul R says

    Twinning of piskies and Jedis – I can hear the liturgy now.

    “May the force be with you. And also with you.”

  4. lol! Plus one could argue that the Scottish Episcopal and Fabulous Church and the Jedi Order are both similarly inclusive, the former’s brave gay-affirming clergy matched by the latter’s :


  5. now this is a side of you we don’t see often.

    Tim, do you not think that we offer a more hospitable home for Jedi-like questers than the other Scottish denominations? Really, I’m sure all my Jedi friends (like all my wicca friends) are really piskie at heart. They just got scared off Christianity by school assemblies.

  6. I suspect that Humanist Jedi is a more likely option.

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