Concert for Christchurch

There will be a benefit concert for Christchurch, New Zealand in St Mary’s on Monday 28 February 2011 at 8 pm.

More details to follow tomorrow.


  1. Ritualist Robert says

    I’m a son of the diocese of Christchurch, and was a chorister and lay clerk at the cathedral. I live in Australia now. I am very touched at all the prayers going to my compatriots and for the generosity of the concert.

    My parents tell me how hideous it is to live there at the moment. Since the September quake, there have been something like 4000 aftershocks. One can imagine how frazzled the people must be, wondering whether any particular aftershock will be the next big one.

    As far as the cathedral goes, I recall seeing photos of when the spire fell twice in the later 1800s because of earthquakes. I am 99% sure that in those instances only the spire itself came adrift. This time half of the tower has come down too. It is hard to imagine that there were not tourists on the tower’s viewing decks in the middle of the day, and the quake has also destroyed the bell chamber. I suppose anyone climbing up or down inside the tower below the level of the bells would have been killed instantly if they were hit by any of the 13 bells falling. It’s all very horrible to contemplate, really, even at this distance.

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