Redesigning the Cathedral Website

I’ve been redesigning the Cathedral website this week. Forgive the fact that some of the rest of this post may be written in Geek. (I don’t speak pure Geek either more Demotic Geek).

It may not look a terribly major revision, but actually it is. Although the look and feel are more or less the same, the whole theme is actually a new one – modified this time from a commercial theme rather than an open-source one. I don’t have the time for designing a WordPress theme from first principles and am delighted with the StudioPress theme that I’ve been using. Well worth the money for the time saved. The only bit I’ve done is to turn something that looked like this: into something that looks like this Easy, huh?

The most obvious change from what we had before is the introduction of a cycle of big pictures on the front page. In addition to that, you can now access the latest sermon directly from the front page, which is much easier. There are more changes under the surface though which will allow new things to come. Firstly, we’ll be able to reinstate the ability to sign up for newsletters, something which did exist but disappeared a while ago. That should also mean that the newsletter mailing list stays more up to date and is used more. (Expect that this week). Then, hidden from view at the moment, there is a social networking layer built into the new site. That means the possibility of online groups, topic-specific blogs and the like. All to come later.


  1. Elizabeth says

    I like it.

  2. Excellent! Although this, surely, is still the gold-standard for Cathedral websites 😉 :

  3. Wow! scary – diabolical ish. The cats ears are still circling…….

  4. Sorry! It should really come with a warning for pets and epileptics. This :

    is also striking, but I’m not sure if it’s in a good or a bad way 😉

  5. I’M sure….! the bruise on her left cheek was a little disturbing too… then the bizarre tackety boots. No sound is a good thing though – from the cat’s perspective at least.

  6. It’s nice to know the names of the Vestry and Lay Office Bearers in Who’s Who? Do the Cathedral clergy not have names?

    • Yes, we do. I’ll be adding a clergy page and will soon begin the process of rounding up photographs. I’ve added the names of the clergy to the who’s who page, meantime.

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