Forgetting to press the button

By the way, the reason that last Sunday’s sermon has not appeared on the Cathedral website is that though I carefully rigged up the camera, I forgot to press the button to start the recording.

All of which makes me think that the time is coming for me to let go of the responsibility of recording sermons and getting them online and to think about putting together a little team of people to make that happen. The basic tasks are:

  • Putting the camera up.
  • Remembering to press the button (v important!)
  • Taking the camera down
  • Cutting out the sermon from the recording and formatting it in Pinnacle
  • Uploading the sermon to hipcast (or another suitable provider)
  • Clapping hands with glee at the lovely fast upload speeds we have in the office now
  • Embedding the sermon on the website. (easy peasy, these days)

Ideally, these tasks need to be done on the Sunday in question.

Its not that hard and my guess is that we might well have folk with such skills. I’m wanting to expand the use of video at St Mary’s in the future, so there is potential for growth in what we do.

This is already a significant part of our ministry but like just about everything else, it shouldn’t depend on me. Its also time to let go of the way the liturgy begins in St Mary’s by the Provost in full vestments climbing on a chair to push the button.

Anyone interested in being considered for the task should have a word with me. I think we are looking for a little tech-team with a leader and a remit in order that it does not all fall to one person every week.

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