Japan – the smaller pictures

I’m finding it difficult to hold in my head all the details coming through about Japan.

Sometimes its easier to grasp the smaller pictures than to get a grip of the bigger one.

A long time ago I was at college with someone who has ended up in Japan – Vicky. She married a Japanese soldier and lives in the north of Japan where iceberg and whales are more the stuff of daily life most of the time than earthquakes and tsunamis. She occasionally posts comments on this blog too.

I’ve been following her blog to get some kind of handle on what its like over there right now. If you are interested, you can find what she has to say here:



  1. Rosemary Hannah says

    You are right , the anguish is more immediately felt. I hardly like to comment on her blog – if you are in touch, tell her many here hold her in thought and love.

  2. Thank you for posting about Japan and about us in particular.

    Rosemary, if you would like to comment, I’d be happy with that! Yes, it’s awful and depressing and we all spend a lot of our days feeling grim, but I can’t tell you how much the comments and words of encouragement mean.

    We are hardly physically affected now, except that Seiju is not with us and not likely to be for some months. There is no bottled water or batteries in the shops. Petrol is still rationed but I don’t use our car so much, so it’s no big deal and I’m happy to think that it is being diverted to the disaster area. The disaster is so huge, so widescale, it is hard for us to comprehend, even for us who live here.

    We were on holiday in Sendai and Tohoku in May last year. We drove down those roads and past those towns. I look and look at the photos and videos but cannot comprehend that it is all gone.

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