Lady Day

Tomorrow (Friday) is Lady Day – the Feast of the Annunciation. St Mary’s will be being Visited by Bishop Gregor tomorrow. That means that the Bishop will be meeting with clergy, Vestry and Church Wardens in the course of the day as well as making one or two pastoral calls alongside either Cedric (Vice Provost) or myself in the afternoon. At lunchtime, Bishop Gregor will be celebrating the Eucharist at 1230 and then in the evening he will be attending a concert which is taking place at 7.30 pm.

The concert looks like a good one – the Chamber Choir from the RSAMD will be singing, conducted by our own Frikki Walker. I don’t know the exact programme, but there will certainly be some pieces appropriate to Lady Day.

I think that its quite tricky getting cathedral congregations to get excited by a visit from a bishop – after all, the Cathedral is very much their church and they are often in and around them quite a lot. Bishop Gregor has celebrated in St Mary’s more than I have over the last 6 weeks, I think. However, it will be good to see him tomorrow and we’re looking forward to him joining us.


  1. Ritualist Robert says

    And a happy Lady Day to you too, Fr. We’ve just said the lunchtime office for the day here in Sydney. Well, some of us have!

    As far as cathedral congregations getting excited (or not) by bishops’ ‘visits’, of course the point is that they aren’t visits. Just the bishop being at home. I remember a dean who had to be told by the congregation to stop publicly welcoming the diocesan bishop for that very reason. Altogether cringe-worthy.

    • Quite right, Robert. My line when bishops are around is more, “its good to have you here today” rather than “Welcome to the Cathedral….”

      I’m delighted to hear, by the way, that the Diocese of Sydney (or at least some of it) falls to its knees and remembers Our Lady.

  2. Ritualist Robert says

    Though the Angelus doesn’t quite ring from every steeple in this part of the Anglican world, it’s observed in some places – Christ Church St Laurence ( being prime amongst them. When I travel to Papua New Guinea or the Solomons for work I am always impressed by the number of Anglican helpers the BVM has in those parts!

  3. fr dougal says

    “Mother’s Little helpers”! Didn’t that used to be the nickname for valium?

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