inspires and inspires online

The latest edition of inspires online was published this morning. If you are not signed up for these monthly emails, you can do so by going to:

This month’s news included stuff on the upcoming election from church leaders in Scotland, notice of some important diocesan boundary changes, the usual subjective whizz around the province in a list of what’s caught my eye on various blogs and details of a number of events.

inspires online is different to inspires. I know its a big tricky to grasp, but one is not a version of the other. The content is entirely different. inspires is a printed magazine and the latest copy of it arrived today. I’m the editor of both publications – the greatest of the creative work around the magazine is done by others. My particular contribution this month was a front cover which is a crucifix surrounded by nails. I’m a bit disappointed it looks slightly out of focus – however, I wanted something rather unsettling and it certainly achives that. The articles in it this time have some Lenten and wilderness themes. I’m very greatful to the writers. One or two are from folk who are local to St Mary’s, but there is a lot from around the Province and I’m very thankful that there are good writers out there.

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