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Just this weekend I’ve installed some new software in order to make it easier to send newsletters to the congregation.

There was a working system up until about six months ago, but it failed when I moved servers and it has been one of the longstanding entries on my to-do list to reinstate some kind of working system.

Thing is, of course, the list of emails I’ve got it six months out of date and people do change emails quite a lot.

I sent out a first message yesterday to the email addresses that were in use last year – of just short of three hundred contacts, 40 or so bounced straight back to me indicating that those addresses are now defunct.

So, if you got a message from me yesterday, (it looks like this) then you don’t need to do anything, unless you want to unsubscribe and there’s a link to click at the bottom of the message to enable you to do that if you like. If you didn’t get a message and would like to sign up for further updates, just put your details in the relevent boxes below and click on the sign-up button.


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  1. I got the email thanks, but it was in my Spam folder (I use gmail) – don’t know if that indicates some techy issue.

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