Cartwheels in the nave

I do know this feeling:


  1. Why did none of us do this after the consecration? 🙂

  2. Are you claiming that none of us did?

  3. I wouldn’t presume to claim that something hadn’t happened at St Mary’s — there are few places where the phrase ‘never say never’ has been more appropriate. If such a thing did happen, I’m sorry to have not seen it with my own eyes and impressed that anyone had the energy left.

  4. Charming! I hope he doesn’t get into trouble for it!

  5. Zebadee says

    We expect nothing less from the Cathedral. A new by-law should make this clear that acrobatics take place each Sunday led by the Provost

  6. Hilary says

    How athletic. Who can do this now I ask in their more mature years?

  7. I can simply report that some of the servers at St Mary’s are very athletic and are known to visit local gymnasia, the better to improve their skills for serving.

  8. Is this the Verging version of 360s?

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