The day of the Royal Nuptials has arrived and I must admit to being staggered at the claim on the BBC that they expect two billion people to watch it. What’s that, a third of the people on earth? It seems an extraordinary number. Indeed they were describing it as the biggest television event ever.

I’ll be watching, of course. I’ve a professional interest in weddings and it’s important to keep up with what builds expectations around such events. I’ll also be tuning in for cope and gaiter spotting. Could this really be the day for the public restoration of gaiters to the Scottish hierarchy? It seems the best chance for a generation.

But why such extraordinary interest around the world? Is it that we all secretly hope that one day our prince will come?


  1. Hermano David | Brother Dah•veed says

    I set my alarm for 4:50 am and joined the HD live coverage at The Royal Channel on YouTube. It was the live BBC feed. The picture was crisp, the color beautiful (I loved those trees in the Abbey) and the sound was perfect. I joined the broadcast just as Catherine was leaving her hotel.

    I had my prince, but he has moved on to the realms of glory and now I would like to encounter another. Do you think that the bride’s younger brother could fancy a spicy latino, only about tits high?

    • Its good to hear from you David|Dahveed. My mother was asking me at Easter whether I knew what had had happened to you. Its been a while since you posted here.

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