Places to Eat?

Steven McQuitty who is a regular reader and occassional commenter on this blog has asked for suggestions of places to eat when he’s in Glasgow sometime soon.

He’s staying at the CitizenM hotel, which I think is that new one with all the rather striking lampshades that is just down from the Theatre Royal where Hope Street and Renfrew Street cross.

Anyone want to make any suggestions to him for local places to eat?

My starting places from there might well be:

Coffee and a sandwich at Café Cosmo ie the GFT
Lunch or evening at the Butterfly and Pig (best burger in town).

Anyone able to suggest anywhere else?


  1. Steven says

    Thanks Kelvin – you’re a star!

    Suggestions now welcome.



  2. Blair Robertson says

    Guys in Candleriggs, Merchant City. Only place where you’ll find sushi, fish & chips, steaks and pasta on the same menu; their Glasgow Tapas is a hoot.

  3. Pam Richmond says

    try the Cafe Hula opposite the Theatre Royal. Leave hotel, turn right towards theatre, cross road. Relaxed place, nice food and atmosphere.

  4. Cafe Rouge is a nice wee French place in Royal Exchange Square (down Buchanan Street and turn left at the All Saints shop). Kama Sutra for good Indian, particularly recommend the lunch buffet, about ten minutes walk along Sauchiehall Street going west.

  5. Martin Ritchie says

    Agree with Pam that Cafe Hula is a good and also endearingly quirky.

  6. Steven says

    Thanks Kelvin and to all who posted suggestions. I am really looking forward to the PCN conference and a chance to explore Glasgow – the next thing i’m after is a good book shop!

    • Waterstones on Sauchihall Street is the best you are going to find close to where you are staying.

      Catholics books from St Paul’s bookshop in Royal Exchange Square.

      Second-hand from the Oxfam bookshop in Byers Road, if you venture to the West End.

  7. Steven says

    Hard to beat the Cornerstone Bookshop below St. John’s in Edinburgh! The last time I was there Margaret made me tea and gave my children Ribena – an act of great faith in a bookshop believe you me…

  8. Second hand bookshops Voltaire & Rousseau in Otago Lane and Caledonia Books on Great Western Rd

  9. Steven says

    Just a quick thanks for all suggestions.

    Really loving Glasgow – might even topple Edinburgh as my favourite city break. Real buzz. Wonderful burger in hula – Dali at museum – quirky hotel – books galore – wonderful conference – and now a mojito and off to bed!

  10. The Pottery at Drymen is great if you want to go that far – good conventional food, excellent service, reasonable prices and no muzak!

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