Committee for Relations with People of Other Faiths

John Conway – reports on audit of interfaith activity. Committee were heartened by number of those who responded.

Extent of interfaith engagement varies extraordinarily across Scotland. (Apparently some people responded as though questions were about inter-church activity).

Festival of Spirituality has a lot of support from Piskies. This year’s theme is Faith, Hope and Reality.

Report notes that there are notable places out of urban areas where there are significant interfaith activity from more rural congregations.

A pisky congregation in Aberdeenshire is planning on a joint Bible and Koran reading event on 11 September for that anniversary.


  1. Howard Thomson asks whether we ask questions of Muslims regarding the murder of those who convert to Christianity.

  2. Dom Ind – going around Scotland doing interfaith – there are often hives of interfaith activity in rural areas.

  3. John Conway – replying to Howard Thomson – absolutely – come and get involved in interfaith activity. We can only get involved in hard questions if we have developed a relationship and trust which allows those questions to be asked.

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