Overseas Committee

Duncan McCosh – deals with trying to engage with churches throughout the Anglican Communion. Committee offers more than 30 grants.

Scottish Churches World Exchange ceased to exit this year. Costs have spiralled.

Now hands over to someone from Jubilee Scotland.


  1. Synod hears presentation from Jubilee Scotland. Duncan McCosh is now willing to take questions.

    • George Taggert – from St Oswald’s King’s Park. Wants to speak at his last synod to give hope. Says that his whole congregation has 70 000 in an account doing nothing. In the spirit of the Jubilee gave £7000 from that legacy to a mission giving food to those who could not afford to buy food. They want to see their numbers grow but/and think their jubilee return of money to the poor is a good thing. Would love to think that the sense of Jubilee carries on.

  2. Synod thanks Duncan McCosh for his convenership from which he now retires.

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