Whole Church Mission and Ministry Policy

Mission and Ministry Policy Debate


  1. David Atkinson does not see diversity being recognised in the document. We need to allow things to work differently in different places.

  2. Samantha Ferguson says this is a beginning and not the end of a process. She commends the section on future training needs in church. She is pleased about the emphasis on training needs.

  3. James Milne – recognises that there is a problem retaining people and cannot really see himself moving on to another parish – burden of property is too great. Can’t see himself doing this until retirement. He would like resources to fund clergy tobe clergy and people with professional property experience to run the properties. Until we change our structures the problem will get worse and worse.

  4. Helen Hood asks that we include consultations with ecumenical friends in our mission policy.

  5. Tim Hind – C of E – reports on how Church of England is dealing with these questions. Subsidiarity is key – doing more with less means doing it where it is being done.

  6. Malcolm Round – welcomes the paper. Welcomes need for subsidiarity. Doing mission is great but we need to do the right mission. Quotes Matthew 23:13.

  7. mary Moffett – her group would like to hear more about fresh expressions and those who don’t go to university.

  8. I ask for more details about what it means to put the resources of the church towards TISEC.

    I also note that the more we put resources towards our diocese rather than the province the faster our church is declining.

  9. Primus responds to debate. TISEC – should become the generic trainer for the church – laity as well.

    Re decline – he believes that most of the decline happened before we started talking about this not since we started pushing resources to dioceses. (NOTE – he’s note responded to my point which was that the decline has accelerated).

  10. Primus speaks of importance of growing Episcopal leadership from within our own stipendiary clergy. (Hmm…)

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