Bishop Chidi from NigeriaFabulous morning at church. All one could hope for. It is very good to be back home.

The bellringers were ringing because of the festival. A jazz trio was helping lead the worship. Babies were everywhere. We had an honoured friend – one of the Nigerian bishops visiting and blessing us. Very full church. Candles everywhere. Tongues of fire descending on people’s heads. (The Holy Spirit has to stop doing this as it breaks all our health and safety policies). Each of us praying the Lord’s Prayer in our own language. New folk trying us out from the locality. Far away folk trying us out whilst passing through. Former folk coming back to see us. Lots of laughter.

It was the kind of service that makes you think that it might be worth going back for more.

In the midst of all this, one lovely detail. I got there to find that the sacristan (who celebrated 50 years of continuous service at the Altar of the Lord just 2 weeks ago) had appointed the young person I was expecting to be the boat boy as thurifer for the day and had appointed himself as the boat boy.

I think that you will find that in such a gesture, lives the gospel.


  1. Elaine says

    Doubly wonderful – the action itself, & the fact you noted it in your blog.


  1. Pencefn says:

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