Busy, Opinionated and Gobby

Am spending time today gathering material and writing stuff for inspires, the printed magazine of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

I’m the editor of the mag but for complicated reasons not to be gone in to here, I’m being a more hands-on editor this month than I have been hitherto and will be commissioning articles for the next one almost as soon at this one has gone to the designer tomorrow.

Most of the good articles that we receive come when we ask people whom we know write well to write about their passion. Occassionally people submit unsolicited articles and sometimes they are good and get included. The best articles that we include have a direct relevance to the life and experience of the Scottish Episcopal Church, whose members ofteh appear to be busy, opinionated and (ahem) rather gobby. Not a bad set of qualities for the production of a magazine.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone either directly or via the comments to this post whether they have any ideas that they would like to see incorportated in future issues of inspires. Suggestions for topics, writers and articles are always welcome.

I share some of the decision making with others, particularly Rosemary Hannah, so it is not simply what I want that makes the cut. I can’t promise to include everything that people suggest, but I can promise that everything will be considered. I am always interested in hearing from people who write well whom I’ve not discovered yet. They often emerge as a result of someone else’s recommendation, so if you know someone who ought to be writing for inspires then don’t be shy.


  1. Hmm, personally I think any august organ – from the Times Literary Supplement to The Comics Journal – would be improved by a sports section, but not sure if it’s applicable to Inspires 🙂 (although I gather that St.Silas does play in some Church’s Saturday league!)

    • Personally, I’ve been arguing for a lonely hearts column for years, but who said the editor’s decision is final?

  2. Oooh, that’s a great idea! There could be like “Clergy Seeking Laity (Straight)” “Laity Seeking Clergy (Gay)” Priests Seeking Priests (Male) & Priests Seeking Priests (Female) sections!

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