Congratulations to all still celebrating the arrival of marriage equality in New York.

There seems to me to be an unsatisfactory situation in the Episcopal church dioceses over there at the moment with different bishops recommending very different things. These range from saying that clergy in their diocese cannot conduct such marriages to saying that not only can clergy conduct them but that if clergy themselves are in gay partnerships then they must either marry or choose to live apart. I have a good deal of sympathy for this latter position – but only once marriage equality is achieved, and I think that having different policies on marriage from one diocese to another is a mess wherever you find it happening.

Anyway, congratulations to all celebrating. Shona Boardman pointed out on twitter a collection of 60 photographs from the day which are well worth taking a look at.

One of those pics is shown above. Thanks and kudos to erin m for making it available on Flickr with a nice license allowing it to be included elsewhere. I don’t know the two newlyweds in the picture, but it is a reminder, as all weddings are, to remembera quiet blessing upon who build home and relationship together.


  1. O Frabjous Day! Whatever the opposite of spinning in one’s grave is, Harvey Milk will be doing it 🙂

    Saw a picture earlier in the week of a NY priest, wearing the dog-collar, snogging his Decepticon t-shirt wearing boyfriend. Seemed suggestive of a mix of justice, eternal values and cultural relevance that piskies are (ideally) all about 🙂

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