I’ve been meaning to post a reminder on here for a while about the two podcasts that are available from St Mary’s. There are two of them, one video and one audio and they carry the sermons that are preached week by week at the 1030 service.

There was a period earlier this year when I was having technical problems ensuring that they were posted, but they seem to be working OK just now.

They are both carried on iTunes which means that if you have an iPhone or iPad or iAnthingElse you should be able to subscribe easily.

Here’s the link for the Audio Feed.
And here is the one for the Video Feed.

Subscribing to a podcast simply means that your electronic device automatically downloads new content when it is available allowing you to listen (or watch) later whenever you like.

A while ago, I told someone who was in St Mary’s for the first time that we recorded the sermons. I showed him the camera and told him where to find them on the cathedral website. “Aha,” he said, “you should put them on iTunes”. “Aha,” I said, “we already do and have been doing so for years”.

His next question puzzled me. “Do they show up on the same page as the podcasts from Holy Trinity, Brompton?”

I drew myself up to the greatest height my pomposity would allow whilst remembering that I was welcoming someone new and said, “I have absolutely no idea. At all.”

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