Blessing of the Animals

Could I just give quick notice that we will be having a Blessing of the Animals at St Mary’s Cathedral on 1 October 2011 at 1030. It is the Saturday nearest to St Francis’s Feast Day and a part of the committment we have to engage with thinking about creation. The service will last about half an hour.

The experience of others suggests that this is something that dogs enjoy more than cats.

All companion animals are welcome to bring their humans.

Blessings for all.



  1. Kennedy says

    Did the blessing of the bikes find a slot in the calendar?

  2. Hermano David | Brother Dah•veed says

    The cats would like it fine, but for the dogs.

  3. Thanks, I’ll let Opal the Cat know, though it may be better for all concerned for him to remain an online participant, as patting and kissing the priest seems to be an important element for him

  4. Rosemary Hannah says

    Puddy Em would be fine but for other cats…

  5. Sadly, it looks like the dog has other plans for that day; she wants to know if she can send you a kerchief to bless, then she can wear it on the day.

  6. I wonder what the best possible thing to do would be.

    Blessed kerchiefs for absent animals is one possibility. A video blessing is another.

  7. Rosemary Hannah says

    Bridget feels small culinary offerings would be suitable – I pointed out possible theological misunderstandings and confusions. She sighed.

    • I have some sympathy with Bridget’s sighs.

      The blessed apostle Paul was in the business of kerchiefs though, wasn’t he? More for healing than for blessing animals, I will grant, but there is some sense of precidence there, don’t you think?

      Actually, I suspect there might be a good fundraiser in an internet based blessed kerchiefs ministry. However, we would need to be clear from the outset that it was the kerchief one was paying for and not the blessing. We are Reformed, after all.

  8. Of course Kelvin, you’re welcome to share the pics of Opal the Cat. Recently he has been especially moved by the sight and sound of John Riches, though initially you were the preferred focus for worship. I wonder about the patting etc – perhaps he feels it’s better to give (a blessing) than to receive…..

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