To Pollokshields

Off to Pollokshields yesterday for the institution of the Rev Paul Romano at St Ninian’s church.

Ten minutes before kick-off it seemed as though there was no-one there, but by the time we started, there was a great crowd, surely one of the largest to gather in St Ninian’s in recent years. The church itself is a big barn of a place, all pointing towards a sanctuary with one of my favourite pieces of art in the diocese – fabulous murals of the Benedicite, which I must go and take a slow look at one day.

Whilst genuflecting before communion, the pew I grasped for support collapsed in my hands and I had to leave the pew-end dangling alarmingly. As my heart and soul were focussed upon receiving the holy mysteries, I suspect that this cannot so much be a sin of my own which caused this calamity but an indication from on high that the Lord our God does not like pews.

Congratulations to Fr Paul and to the congregation for finding one another. Though it is on the far side of the river, St Ninian’s is in a really interesting part of the city, surrounded by new housing, a mobile population and cheek by jowl with interesting arts organisations.

God bless them all.


  1. Thank you, it was indeed a wonderful service. I am so happy that Fr Paul has ended up at St N’s.

  2. fr dougal says

    Not a sin of your own making? No, but an act of wanton destruction by invading barbarians from the North is another possible interpretation surely? Israel and Judah and all that!

  3. Wow! That was some genuflection!

  4. Zebadee says

    Could it be that you received a message from ‘On High’ telling you to lead a protest movement against pews? If so what are you going to do about this instruction ?

    • It has been suggested to me that the message from On High is the the Almighty does not approve of genuflecting.

      That can’t be right though, can it?

  5. Zebadee says

    Could it be that you are receiving two messages from ‘On High’?

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