Speaking unto the Nation

I’ve been in church for so very many hours this weekend that I’ve got no words left.

However, you might enjoy listening to me speaking unto the nation on the wireless this morning.

This link should take you to the BBC iPlayer

I wasn’t awake when this went out at 6.30 am. Either it was prerecorded or I was speaking in my sleep.

The choir sound quite perky for that time in the morning though, don’t they?


  1. Brother David says

    When you say unto the whole of the nation, is that all of Scotland or the entirety of the British Empire?

  2. You mean there is a difference? Just Scotland I think. I have a particular interest in this broadcast as the young reader is my daughter, of whom I am very proud.

  3. Such beautiful clarity and subtlety in her voice. Listening on Sunday morning, I found myself holding my breath.

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