Just back from the Consecration of the new Bishop of Brechin in Dundee.

Brechin may be one of the smaller dioceses in the Scottish Episcopal church but they like their pomp. Where else would the clergy procession have begun in the Council Chamber and made its way to the Cathedral accompanied by flying thurible and band of pipe and drums?

It was a glorious liturgy though once again I did find myself longing for a gin and tonic half way through to revive the spirits.

Consecrations are tricky services to put on for a Cathedral and I know how much work their Provost Jeremy Auld will have been doing along with other people to make it all happen. St Paul’s Cathedral was gloriously packed out and it was a happy crowd who did their best to raise the rafters.

Today is the anniversary of their beloved Alexander Penrose Forbes, who is buried just yards from where I was sitting up by the High Altar. Seeing his memorial and recalling his blessed memory made me realise that today is another anniversary. It is a year since Mother Ruth was installed at Falkirk – for I preached on Alexander Penrose Forbes that night. Congratulations to her on that anniversary.

Today the cathedral community he built up were at the heart of creating a household of praise in which to welcome Nigel Peyton as their new bishop and consequently their new leader in mission.

Not simply Nigel Peyton now, of course.

Bishop Nigel it is.



  1. Linda says

    It was a great service and we are so glad to have Nigel back in the diocese.
    The procession was fun. I don’t think the Saturday shoppers could quite believe what they were seeing.
    In case anyone wants to know how the pipe band contributed to the occasion, they played “Bonnie Dundee” on the way down the High Street and “Highland Cathedral” on the cathedral steps.

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