Off to the Flagship

Off to Brechin for the consecration of the Diocese of Brechin’s new bishop.

Will report later.

The Diocese of Brechin was famously referred to by one of its former bishops as The Flagship Diocese of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Which only makes one wonder about the most appropriate sobriquets for the other six, doesn’t it?


  1. Argyll & The Isles: The thin diocese? Thnk about it – a pleasing double meaning.

  2. fr dougal says

    At College we renamed all 7: Dreadinburgh; St Andrews, Dunin and Dunroamin; Drechin; Hasbeens and Offkey; Moray, Dross and Couldn’t-care-less; Argyll and the Piles (what do you expect hinging aboot damp dreich ferry terminals?) and of course GoSlow and Getaway:-)

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