All Souls

A reminder that the sheets are available in church for adding the names of those who have died to be remembered in prayer on All Souls Day on 2 November 2011. This year the choir are singing the Fauré Requiem

I’ve received this morning an invitation to go to a Regional Council Meeting that night to discuss the Diocesan Mission Strategy.

Therein lies many of the reasons for church decline.

I am as angry about that as you would expect me to be.


  1. annie t says

    As someone deeply involved in the Diocesan mission strategy but not with that invitation, I have to agree with you. This, however, is the very kind of muddle which one hopes will be ironed out by charges within Regional Councils operating more collegially/co-operatively in future.
    The Growth Strategy, as you know, believes that liturgy, done well and with imagination, is one of our Church’s strongest points; magnets; tool for mission. Let us not get to the stage of opposing mission and worship….. heaven forbid.

    • Thanks Anne – I know that you wouldn’t want to set mission and liturgy against one another and I do know that you see mission right at the heart of mission.

      I’ve always thought it very odd that worship/liturgy is not one of the priorities of the Diocesan Growth Strategy though. I would have been more supportive along the way had it been so.

  2. Margaret says

    As someone who also received this invitation to attend the NERC meeting I must say my reaction was one of disbelief that it had been arranged for this date. As a member of a smaller congregation I feel it is especially important for me to attend what is for us a major feast day in order to offer support to fellow members of the congregation while receiving support from them.

    • Thank Margaret – I’m glad to know that there does seem to be quite a strong commitment to keep All Souls in several part of the Region.

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