What am I listening to?

Oh, thank you for asking? It has been a while.

Spotify didn’t manage to convince me to subscribe, so this is a season of Back to the iPod and even occassionally Back to the CD. However, the CDs do seem a bulky and rather old fashioned element in the Salon at Praepostorial Towers.

There has been something of a revisiting of the 1970s concept album.

  • The Electric Light Orchestra’s Mr Blue Sky seemed to be the best way of praying through yesterday’s weather, and that came from Out of the Blue.
  • A chance hearing of a bass track in a bar led me to dig out Rumours from Fleetwood Mac. It has the benefit of making me want to tidy up, but that’s another story.
  • There was a brief dalliance yesterday with the Friends of Mr Cairo, but that did not last long.
  • Sheryl Crow asked “Are you Strong Enough to Be My Man” which led to inevitable thoughts of boyfriends and nuns.
  • Last night, after writing some book reviews I found myself taking refuge in Jan Nepomuk Hummel’s masses which I’ve never entirely been able to convince Frikki about.

And you, what are you listening to?



  1. Right at the moment, only the voices in my head. (at least Ithink they are in my head). But I do agree about the Hummell. So much more rewarding to sing than that dreadful probably-not-by-Mozart that we did recently!

  2. kevinf says

    Just lately, a couple of love songs (just in time for St Luke’s, though I’m not in the market):

    Never Doubt I Love – Melanie Doane
    I’m So Glad – (the improbably named) Royal Wood

  3. Byrd and the other polyphonists, Purcell, Gibbons, Howells – try the St Paul’s Service – Stanford, Parry (mice ‘ole there is a country is fab) practically anyone outwith the 19th century, when cathedral altos were probably at their hootiest and fruitiest, and best restricted to three notes either side of D. Most European Classical (ie Mozart, Haydn et al) by definition melody and accompaniment, reduce altos to harmonic filler. That’s why the part got the reputation of being the viola section of the choir, populated by second raters, the terminally shy and those without a voice.

  4. fr dougal says

    Tony Bennet’s “Duets II” – the great man with Amy Winehouse and lady Gaga amongst others.

  5. This evening, a recording of the fabulous American male vocal ensemble Chanticleer singing a piece about rain by a Chinese composer, in Chinese. It seemed all too appropriate given where I live, and was disturbingly evocative and beautifully sung.

  6. U2 and the new Noel Gallagher album (you can take the boy out of the evangelical church but you can’t take the evangelical church out of the etc ;-))

  7. I’m currently trying to get my head/ears around the new album by Mastodon, called “The Hunter”. As my cousin says Mastodon albums never give up their secrets on the first few listens.

    Their video for “Black Tongue” is a masterclass in woodwork: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwgqenxNUfs

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