Abishag the Shunamite

One of my favourite characters in Scripture is Abishag the Shunamite. I’ve never seen her portrayed in art though.

Anyone know whether there is a window or an icon anywhere?


  1. Rosemary Hannah says

    Oh yes, but where? She is in a stained glass window somewhere. I think I am remembering a Burges window. Might just be other Arts and Crafts or Vic Gothic. If it is Finn Bar I have the book – if it is Skelton or Studley Royal … locating the image will take some time!

  2. fr dougal says
  3. Joan H Craig says
  4. Gordon Aitken says

    Just in case Forward In Faith have a field day with Dougal’s suggestion I suggest: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Bathsheba_solomon_david.jpg

    (Ignore the title, she is in there)

    • Elizabeth says

      I don’t know of any visual images, but she’s portrayed in Madeleine L’Engle’s novel, Certain Women.

  5. william says

    Can we tell significant things about ourselves from our favourite scriptural characters, do you think?
    I notice respondents just deal with what is asked, rather than what creates the question!
    It might be interesting to explore, if not our favourite biblical characters, those who have influenced us most, or give us most to think about, or provide our greatest challenges…

  6. Rosemary Hannah says

    Good game, william. St Paul.

  7. Zebadee says

    William raises an interesting question. Could it be that St William of York, Archbishop twice is a worthy person to study and base ones life upon? Not a Biblical character of course but what an interesting life he lived.

  8. Agatha says

    For me its The Nephilim – what’s that all about then?

  9. Is the Very Reverend Provost’s choice based on the classical pronunciation of the Hebrew ‘b’ (sans dagesh) as a ‘v’??

  10. Zebadee says

    Agatha- Regarding the Nephilim/Rephaim I have wondered if in fact they were Neanderthals. It is possible that they were still around at the time that the folk myths were being recorded. I have ignored the refs in the Book of Jubilees and the Book of Enoch which has ref to these beings. If someone ever finds the Yeti it might help to answer the question as storiesand ledgends say that this being is up to ten feet tall.

  11. Mary of Bethany? According to my mother I was the useless lazy one of the family. Guess what my middle name is?

  12. Helen Ingouvile says

    David and Abishag by Pedro Americo in 1879 Rio de Janeiro Museum of fine arts.I have a photo.

  13. I have just read a facinating book by Mark Davidson called “Becoming the Beloved” which places Abishag as the bride in the Song of Songs and as a wife of Solomon.
    Eye opening, fantastic end time revelation. A must read!

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