How to Cook Moose

First catch your moose and butcher it. (Note opportunities for roadkill at this time of year in certain countries).

Alternatively go to Lidl this week and buy moose steaks.

Defrost steaks if frozen.

Marinade overnight in mixture of gin and worcestershire sauce

Pan fry with juniper berries. 5-6 mins.

Stir in cream.

Garnish with redcurrants or other berries.

Give thanks for Lidl.

(They also had pheasant, partridge and hare as though they were hoping someone would write a folk song about them).


  1. And this is all in Maryhill? There will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth in Newton Mearns and Giffnock when the news gets out..

  2. Zebadee says

    At our local Lidl we also have quail as well as the other items you mention

  3. West Enders eat moose. South Siders eat Wholefoods. I know where I’d rather be.

    • I’m not at all sure that any shop selling a few nuts and bits and bobs of fresh veg on either side of the river can be as impressive as Moose in Maryhill.

  4. Zebadee says

    Does the Maryhill Lidl also offer Canadian Lobster? Not that I am bragging but the needy of the Rubarb Triangle need some joy in their lives and our Lidl is meeting this need

  5. Yes, lobster is on offer in Maryhill.

    I choose not to crow about lobster for it comes from the sea and consequently should not be eaten.

    • Margaret of the Sea of Galilee says

      The kashrut/OT problem is the lack of fins and scales, not the sea per se.

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